Online club registration for the 2020-2021 season opens in the Fall. Dates will be posted when we get closer to the registration period. Please review the procedure and details for registration below.

Before You Register

Prior to starting this registration with BMRC, review the BMRC program options.

Each racer must:

  1. register with USSA (
  2. register with NYSSRA (
  3. secure Bristol Mountain lift pass

For the registration process you will need:

  1. medical insurance information
  2. physician name and number
  3. date of most recent tetanus immunization date
  4. emergency contact information
  5. Racer USSA Number
  6. FIS Number (FIS is only necessary for U19/U21 racers participating in FIS races)

Each household must:

  1. Register their racers
  2. Racers will register on Demosphere as a “Participant”.
  3. Parents will be charged 2 household based fees: $200 Volunteer Deposit (refunded if you fulfill 3 volunteer roles) and a Race Support Fee (see below). The volunteer registration does not need to be filled out at this time. Please disregard that portion of registration.
  4. Racers will be charged their race training fee.

Race Support Fee

Every family is asked to pay a Race Support Fee (formerly called Family Fee) established. These funds help support purchase of race and timing equipment and coaches travel expenses. This fee is graduated depending on number of racers in your family.

  • One racer: $125
  • Two racers: $215
  • Three or more racers $275
  • First year BMRC families are exempt from the Race Support Fee

Registration Process

  1. Click on
  2. Are you an existing member?
    • Login with your existing account
    • Go to My Profile Information > My Household Information to edit existing household members and add new members
    • All racers and at least one parent need to be registered as a Participant.
  3. Are you a new member? 
    • Create New Account
    • Enter basic Household information
    • Choose “Register a Participant” (racers) or “Register a Volunteer” (parents)
    • Click on “Create New Member”. Ultimately you will be registering both parents and all racers in your Household as “Members”.
    • IMPORTANT: If your racer does not have an email address or their own phone, then enter your own phone and email for future communications to you. Emails will be sent to the contact details for the PARTICIPANT RACER.
  4. Register additional racers by clicking “Register a Participant” and then clicking “BMRC racers.” Based on racer’s birthdate, you will be given option(s) of which training program to register for.
  5. Register parents also by clicking “Register a Participant” and then clicking “BMRC parents” season.
  6. After registering all racers and parents, proceed to checkout.
  7. Choose payment option (credit card preferred).
  8. You can manage your Household information including each members contact information by clicking on “My Profile Dashboard” at top of page.

2019-2020 Program Fees

After choosing which racer to register (“Register a Participant” button) the program will give you a choice, based on the racer’s birthdate, of which program you want to register for. Based on the year your racer was born, here are the program options for 2019-20:

Afternoon Program Requirements

Please note the Afternoon Program has limited positions and a written application by the racer is required. Please ensure you review the afternoon program criteria before registering and applying. If you’re registering for the afternoon program, please also have your athlete fill out the separate afternoon program application in addition to registration above.

** Important change: U14 AP will be Tues – Thurs this coming season ( vs. M-W)

Refund Policy

75% refunded minus $70 admin fee after first training day through first weekend of training 50% refunded minus $70 admin fee after first weekend through end of December 0% thereafter


If you have any questions or problems please contact BMRC Info